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Cover Style: Joey Scandizzo


So you’ve taken the plunge and gotten the It-Girl style of the season… the Shag or the “Shog”. Its a step up from the lob, bob, or mobb, with added texture and movement. Now that you’ve got your shag on, find out how to style it. 


Air Dry - If you’ve got texture in your hair, this is the reason why you have this cut - to show off that natural splendor. To perfect this technique you need to test out the best products for your hair type and style you are wishing to achieve. If you want to exaggerate your texture opt for a mousse, curl cream, or both. The mousse will add volume to your roots and the curl cream will protect your hair from frizz. 


Blow Dry - Opt for a smaller brush for this cut. For straighter styles finish with a texture paste or clay for movement. If you are in curly/wavy mood, then use the brush to create curl within the hair, spritz and scrunch with a sea spray and finish with shine spray to accentuate your waves. 


Iron Work - For air-dried or freshly blow-dried hair that needs to be polished reach for a smaller iron. Since you have more layers now that are on the shorter side, a smaller iron is easier to handle. For a polished look, section out hair and flat wrap curls to create stellar waves. Finish with a touchable hairspray or shine mist. For a “lived-in” look grab random sections of previously dried hair and wind around the barrel (twisting as your go) for a messy chic look. Finish this style with an allover spritz of a sea spray or texture mist for extra grit. 


Up-Style - Start off with any of the previous methods of styling and simply add to it. If you’ve air-dried - chances are you will want to throw a braid in your style to hide any cowlicks or oddly dried sections, go for a soft and ethereal braid and use bobby pins, or the STITCH to secure any loose sections. If you went for a blow dry, pull hair back into a chic chignon - use a pomade to slick down any baby hairs and add sheen. If you curled with an iron - leave tendrils out in the front section. For a soft look pull your hair into a pony and with a slight grip shake it to release these front tendrils. Another option is to leave front sections out and start a loose braid from behind the ear and braid across to the other side. Either leave the braid down to the side or tuck it back up in the nape area and secure with bobby pins. It is the perfect effortless up-style for any occasion. 


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