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While most women enjoy sipping a fine Pinot on a Friday night and catching up on the latest beauty tips, men don’t always share the same affinity. Most of them would rather shower and go, skipping the whole “hair styling” part of their morning routine. What most men don’t realize is that a few key tricks can make a big difference without taking a ton of time. Follow along below to learn about a few common mistakes most men make.

Washing too often – Yes, you heard us right. While we don’t condone skipping the shower all together, sometimes skipping the shampoo can be helpful for your hair type. On days when your miss the gym, let your hair revel in all of its second day glory. For men with particularly textured hair, you might actually like the way it looks better on day two. If you must cleanse, opt for conditioner instead of shampoo; it still has the same cleansing properties without taking away too much natural oil from your strands and scalp.

Applying the wrong product for your style/hair type – While we are proud of you for picking out your very own styling aid, you might be doing it all wrong. It is best to consult with your stylist to pick a product based specifically on your hair texture and the style you are wishing to achieve. You might even need to cocktail two or more products to get the exact look, but it will be well worth it when your style stays in place. Want to know more? Take a peek at this guide to get your style in check.

Applying product to wet hair – For some styles it is totally acceptable to apply product to wet hair, however sometimes you really need to wait for it to dry.  If you are going to be blow-drying your hair with volume, applying a Fiber Pomade or Grooming Tonic on wet hair is totally fine. However if you’re not going to blow-dry it, then wait until damp or dry.

Always air-drying – We hate to break it to you, but sometimes you just need to blow-dry your style. Whether your cut has length to it or is short and cropped, adding heat will seal in your style and accentuate your cut. For textured hair or styles with a high pompadour, add an aid like Grooming Tonic to wet hair for long lasting hold with a natural style. Layer on other products after blow-drying to deepen the hold.

Not conditioning – Yes, you may like to keep your shower routine to a minimum, but sometimes your hair needs a little extra TLC. If your hair is on the textured side, apply Conditioner throughout the length of your hair and rinse. For hair that is finer, apply only to the ends. Conditioner will help hydrate and moisturize your hair making it easier to style!

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