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When it comes to cleansing and conditioning hair, men sometimes fall short on optimum technique. Based on hair types and desired style, there are actually many different methods when it comes to prepping hair; shampoo once, shampoo twice, condition, don’t condition, and only condition the ends. Some styles do better when they are created on “second day hair” while others need a clean slate. Regardless of style, there is one habit that men should be exercising at least once a week – scrubbing their scalps!

The scalp is a very important part of hair growth and a healthy scalp is important to healthy hair and a sublime style. Whether you notice or not, the scalp can actually accumulate buildup from tap water, products and even environmental factors. When you scrub the scalp it is similar to using a clarifying shampoo (everything gets squeaky clean). 

If your style requires a cocktail or layering of various products to create your style, Reuzel Scrub Shampoo is the perfect antidote. With their Tonic Blend of Witch Hazel, Nettle Leaf, Rosemary and Horsetail Root, this scrub will provide a nourishing lather while getting a deep clean and improving the health of your scalp. By removing product, dirt, excess oil, chlorine, and residue, your hair will not only feel better it will look better as well.

So next time you wonder why your hair won’t style or looks dull, it’s because you need to scrub your scalp you Scumbag!

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