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Color trends this season range from sun-kissed brunette to nude cashmere blonde, creamy pearl, cognac, and olive tones. While you might be privy to the shade you choose, how much do you know about the formulation approach or techniques used behind the chair? Read on to learn the difference between permanent and demi-permanent hair color to understand which you may want and the best choices for upkeep. 

What is permanent hair color?

Permanent hair color is a type of dye that changes the hair's hue permanently. It does so by opening the hair's cuticle and altering the shade of melanin within each strand. Grey coverage clients often receive this service, and you can also use permanent hair color to change global tone or lighten hair a few shades.  

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect is an example of permanent hair dye. 

The Special Blonde shades offer up to 5 levels of lift, and all other shades offer up to 3 levels of lift for up to 100% grey coverage with rich, healthy-looking results. The Signature Naturals palette includes three new Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect shades, ideal for creating natural tones and adding dimension or accents like with Wella Professionals Mirror Lights and Shadow Lights techniques.


What is demi-permanent hair color?

Demi-permanent hair color does not contain ammonia and doesn't alter the hair's natural melanin. Instead, demi-permanent hair color coats the cuticle and deposits color into the strand to offer temporary changes to hair color that are often more low-maintenance than permanent color. 

Examples of this are:

Wella Professionals Color Touch is a demi-permanent color option that offers up to 70% grey coverage (Color Touch Plus). This high shine formula lasts up to 15 washes and is ideal to accompany Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect root touch-up services, alter tone and depth, and enhance color. 

Wella Professionals Shinefinity Glaze is a zero-lift, clean formula that can be combined with grey coverage appointments, root tints, highlighting, or balayage. This demi-permanent glaze is a low-maintenance color option that lasts up to 6 weeks and provides shine you can feel! With stunning demi-permanent shades for true-to-tone results, colors can be intermixed and now include gorgeous Signature Naturals shades to elevate neutrals and increase authenticity and dynamism. 


The Best Hair Products for Color-Treated Hair

Color-treated hair has a unique set of requirements for at-home upkeep. Formulas should be chosen based on your hair type, the state of your strands, and your lifestyle choices. While there is a wide range of Wella Professionals care products ideal for permanent and demi-permanent color-treated hair, these are a few of our favorite ranges. 


Wella Professionals ColorMotion+

Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Shampoo ($25)Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Conditioner ($25) & Wella Professinals Color Motion+ Structure+ Mask ($25)

This range creates stronger hair with vibrant shine while offering up to 8 weeks of color protection. The formulas include WellaPlex bonding agent to strengthen strands and rebuild bonds, an essential element after any color service. 

Choose from:


Wella Professionals Elements

Wella Professionals Elements Purifying Pre-Shampoo Clay ($20)Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo ($25)Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Conditioner ($25)Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask ($25)Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Leave-In Spray ($25)

With up to 99% natural origin ingredients that are free of silicones, sulfates, and animal-derived ingredients, Elements is an ideal choice for color-treated hair while also being perfect for the ingredient-conscious client. 

Choose from:


Wella Professionals Fusion


Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo ($25)Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner ($25)Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Mask ($25) 

The Wella Professionals Fusion range is ideal for damaged or dry hair that needs intense repair and protection against future damage. Featuring silk amino acids to repair and protect hair it is an excellent choice following highlighting or other lightening services.

Choose from:


Get to know Wella Professionals Shinefinity

Wella Professionals Shinefinity is a glossing treatment that improves tone while creating a shine you can feel. In addition to creating unbeatable shine and beautiful true-to-tone results, you can look forward to the following with Shinefinity:

  • 37 Demi-Permanent Shades that are intermixable for endless color options
  • Tones that last up to 6 weeks
  • Innovative formula regulates the pH of the hair to ensure it doesn’t fall below 6.5 for balanced, optimal color results
  • Can be used on natural hair color, after lightening, or in addition to grey coverage services.
  • Pick from 2 developers: Bowl and Brush Activator or Bottle Activator
  • Pick from Cool, Warm, Naturals or Booster color palettes or the just-launched Signature Naturals collection featuring 5 shades ideal for counteracting warmth or creating root shadows.
  • Use Shinefinity to create shine, refresh color and highlights, add tone, enhance dimension or correct color.