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Featured Collection - Rag To Riches | Alexander Turnbull

In essence, Alexander Turnbull’s latest collection is a study in time – observing the way a wall weathers, a building crumbles and color transforms itself. It is also a collection that gives a prelude to new trends – color, cut and style – that we can expect to embrace this season. Colors grow a little softer while cuts appear more crisp and defined. Organic matter is making way for more than just natural texture and Turnbull’s collection showcases this perfectly. Keep reading to get to know more about his collection and his inspirations and see the stunning images for yourself.

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Stay Glossy—How A Clear Coat Can Work Wonders On Your Hair & Nails

Who remembers the iconic early ’00s jam “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama? Well, it turns out, gloss isn’t just “poppin” on lips—gloss makes everything better, from your hair to your nails to your skin.  Read on to find out why you should be #glossing your beauty routine all season long.

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PBA Urges Texas State Committee Members to Oppose Deregulation of Cosmetology & Barbering Licensing

The cosmetology license process has always been an important standard within the industry and continues to be so, which is why it is so important to educate yourself and others on current legislation being promoted in Texas that would deregulate the cosmetology and barbering licensing process there.

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It’s Time To Marie Kondo Your Salon

From expired products to a closet full of old capes, there are likely at least a few areas in your salon in desperate need of a serious decluttering, not only for a little peace of mind, but also to enhance your performance (bad organization equals longer service time) and, in some shape or form, to meet the requirements set by your State Board. Here, our top tips for decluttering your salon, along with easy organizational systems to implement now.

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5 Ways To Cope When Your Client Has Lice

Finding a little “friend” while combing a client’s hair is never fun, but it’s bound to happen from time to time. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 6-12 million people get infected by lice each year. So what should you do? Keep reading to discover five ways to handle the pest-y situation.

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The Art Of Balance Collection | IDHair - Linda Quebec

Most individuals strive toward finding the perfect balance in many areas of their lives. In this collection, Linda Quebec, Global Creative Director at IdHair, finds balance in beauty. Working with shapes within cuts, silhouettes, and sections of colour she demonstrates how these aspects work together to create that harmony. Keep reading to learn more about the collection and the inspiration behind it!

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Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair

Ever wonder how some women can grow long locks that never seem to get split ends? We’ll give you one hint: It’s not because of a supplement on Instagram. Most women with flawless natural hair have one thing in common: their diet. Growing healthy hair starts from the inside out, so if you want to get longer hair sans extensions, you’re going to have to start eating right. Check out the top foods guaranteed to help you grow long, strong and beautiful hair.

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Featured Collection | Rich Boys Gone Rogue - Toni & Guy Ilford

With a fresh take on men's styling for the season ahead, Keera K Sira's collection, titled “Rich Boys Gone Rogue” was inspired by boys who have left their country roots in search of the bright lights of the city. It was all about teaming classic cuts and sharp tailoring with edgy models and undone styling. To learn more about the collection, the inspirations and how to get the look, keep reading! 

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Fashion Has No Gender

Breaking down the boundaries society has made surrounding gender, Samantha Lemon has created a beautiful collection that portrays her model in a whole new light. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection and how she got the look!


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