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Ribbon Lights Will Forever Change The Way You Balayage

Like it or not, balayage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Something about its “sun-kissed” effect has solidified the style as a salon mainstay, kicking other techniques (i.e. traditional foils) to the curb. But, much like other hair trends, balayage is forever evolving, and right now “ribbon lights” are having a moment. The key difference with ribbon lights has to do with the amount of contrast and dimension it creates. While ombres and sombres have a darker root that slowly fades into a lighter shade, ribbon lights pack a more fierce punch. They are bright from the root to the ends - with an even shade throughout - that stand out because of their contrast with the base or all over shade. Keep reading to learn why ribbon balayage is the number one technique to put on your radar in 2019. 

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How To Finger Wave!

Keep reading to get the lowdown on how to finger wave and learn why the glamorous look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

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Braids Are Back—The Top Tutorials For Beginners

With award show and Fashion Week seasons in full swing, there’s no shortage of “hair-spiration” out there. One of the reoccurring looks that every supermodel and celebrity is rocking this season? Braids! The “oldie-but-goodie” style is forever being reimagined on the red carpet and the runways, providing stylists and braiding “pros” with plenty of looks to try out. But what about the non-expert braiders? You know, the women who have enough trouble trying to pull together a traditional three-strand braid to bother with any other woven style. Guess what? You’re in luck! This year, we’ve spotted an array of easy-to-execute plaits on celebs and models alike. Check out the top tips for beginning your braid and the trendiest braided looks we’re loving at the moment.

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Your Hair Is Getting Older, Here’s How To Turn Back The Clock

Getting older can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you may feel wiser and more grounded in who you are, while on the other you’re starting to feel the effects of more cycles around the sun! If you’ve ever had too many Tequila Soda’s after the age of 30, you know what we’re talking about. Apart from needing to get more sleep and update your diet, you’ll also start to see uninvited lines, grey hair and things we can’t even mention without scaring off the millennial crowd. Albeit a beautiful and empowering journey, there’s so much we wish we knew when we were in our 20s!

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5 Ways To Simplify Your Haircare Routine

Summer vacation is around the corner, and while you may be busy planning out an array of Instagram-worthy outfits, you should also take some time to evaluate the other non-necessary items taking up too much of your precious luggage space. The main culprit? Your hair care products. The good news? You don’t have to lug around your entire bathroom cabinet in order to have great hair on vacay! Here, five ways to keep your toiletry bag as light as possible.

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4 Festival Trends You Need To Adopt This Summer Season

Despite a few technical difficulties during artists’ performance and the infamous lemon thrown at Ariana Grande, Coachella 2019 didn’t disappoint, especially in the hair department. From funky braids to seashell embellishments, the event provided plenty of inspiration for the season ahead. But fair warning, not all festival trends are meant to be worn outside of the desert. The key to nailing the concert-casual vibe without looking like a lost festival attendee? Sporting toned-down, yet on-trend recreations of your favorite looks. Here, real ways to rock the top festival styles in your everyday life.

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NAHA 2020 Entry Dates & Call For Judges!

As hairstylists, we are constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries. From coming up with new techniques behind the chair to challenging our artistic abilities with competition work. The most prestigious of professional beauty competitions, the annual North American Styling Awards are held annually and the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is so excited to announce the opening of the 31st annual NAHA deadlines!

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Looks We Love From The 2019 Met Gala

This year, “camp” is being celebrated at the Met Gala with this year’s theme being Camp: Notes On Fashion.” Looks like Bjork’s iconic swan dress will be on exhibition as other more serious, political and historical items will be featured. It is actually Susan Sontag’s essay from the 60’s “Notes On Camp” that was dedicated to Oscar Wilde that is the inspiration behind the theme! This “camp”, isn’t that of tents and roasted marshmallows it’s that of standing out and a love for the unnatural. Curious about what this entails? Keep reading to see our favorite looks from the Red Carpet! 

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Our Top Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

If you’re anything like us, and you’re in need of a quick pick you know your mom will love for Mother’s Day, take a peek at our top choices below!


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