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Care For Your Color

No matter what your hair color routine, we’ve got a care regimen to take you from frizzy to flawless. Keep reading to see our top tips!

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How To Use Products To Help You Cut

When it comes down to adding products to achieve a certain haircut we wanted to talk to an expert so we chatted with Matrix Artist Daniel Roldan and he gave us these professional pointers that you need to know! 

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Must-See Styles From The Met Gala 2019!

This year, at the 71st Annual Met Gala socialites and stars, brought an extra layer of extravagance to the scene as one of the biggest nights in fashion unfolded. The theme this year was “Camp: Notes on Fashion” inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay that defines camp as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.” And exaggerate they did!

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How To Keep Your Hair Color Vivid

One of our favorite movements in beauty has obviously been vivid hair colors. We take pride in our artists for creating out of this world inspiration and our selves in the leaps and bounds we have made with our SoColor Cult line. With SoColor Cult we have given stylists a chance to be artists and their clients can wear their masterpieces for however long they choose with semi, demi and permanent color options. Creating vivid hair colors takes a great deal of time, effort, energy, and especially maintenance. And although these shades are not always the easiest to achieve, their brilliance truly pays off. Keep reading to see just how to keep your hair color looking its best!

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The Curly Girl’s Guide To A Flawless Finish

A new texture is always a transition but if it’s one thing we know it is that happy curls come from healthy hair! Keep reading to learn how Matrix is giving your curls a helping hand.

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Matrix Is Disrupting The Industry With MentorME!

Understanding the need for mentorship, Matrix has just debuted a new program contest geared toward education: MentorME! This year-long program will be led by none other than Matrix Global Business Ambassador and television personality Tabatha Coffey.  Launching in March of this year, Five, new-to-the-industry stylists, will be selected to receive intense, ongoing, one-on-one coaching and mentoring from Tabatha, as well as from Matrix renowned artists, in the areas of cutting, color, styling, business, and personal growth.

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Tone In No Time With Matrix's Latest Releases

When it comes to color, toning is an ideal tool for any shade. From being a stylist’s lifesaver to giving the client exactly what they’re looking for, toners allow for artistry and freedom behind the chair. Whether you’re correcting tone or achieving fashion-forward shades, toners are often the key to getting what you need quickly. Knowing that time in the salon is precious, Matrix has made the process that much quicker. With their latest releases — Color Sync Sheer Acidic Toners and Color Sync 5-Minute Fast Toners—they complete the stylist’s “Toning Toolbox” giving them the power to tone, pre-tone, refresh, neutralize and gloss even the most compromised strands.

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Scalp Care Is The Key To A Healthy Style

Summer will be here before you know it! As the warmer months hit, you’ll want to get your clients hair in shape, fast! To get them ready for hat hair and extra UV rays, educate them on how to achieve a sultry style in a snap. How to step things up a notch? All too often, we blame our strands for a bad hair day when the real culprit could be our scalps. We overlook the need to care for them and this could be detrimental to not only our style but also our hair health. It is a secret no more, the best styles come from a healthy scalp and we’ll give you the tools to get there!

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Hair Color 101 – What Type Of Highlights You Should Be Asking For

You’ve gone through the latest shades of the season and figured out which tones are best, so next, it is imperative to understand placement techniques for the desired outcome. Hair color has evolved so much from just picking a shade and deciding between a single process or highlights and we’re here to enlighten you about all of the options you have! Keep reading to understand more about what type of highlights you should be asking for in the salon.


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