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Short Hairstyles FTW

In 2016, the lob reigned supreme, the bob in 2017 the shag commanded attention in 2018 is now making its rounds again in 2019! While styles will inevitably change and can be tailored for each client, one thing is certain—short hair isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and is the it-style to get this season! Don’t let the length fool you—short hair does require constant attention. Read on to discover our favorite ways to achieve and rock this new length!

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April Showers Bring May Shades

Admittedly, this was a long winter. The month of January felt like it was a year long and as we waited for the groundhog to finally peek its little head out we retreated inside with sweaters and beanies. As the frost begins to melt, flowers have peaked their beautiful little heads and it is finally warm enough to strut our favorite spring fashion. After racking up an online shopping extravaganza, don’t forget that you’re going to need the styles and shades to go along with it. Keep reading to hear all about our favorite May shades to don with your most street worthy styles!

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What Are Bond Protectors & Why Do We Need Them

When it comes to coloring your hair, there is actually a great deal of chemistry that goes on within each strand - even if you can’t see it.  The history of your hair is extremely vital and can be crucial in choosing a method to achieve a new look. Unlike your browser history, no one can delete what’s been done to hair in the past – so the client consultation is critical before starting the color process. This will help cut down on damage and undue stress to the hair. Another way is through using the proper products to get the job done – like Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside.

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5 Reasons Why Your Client’s Beach Waves Are Falling Flat

Forget winter’s stick-straight styles—with summer quickly approaching, beach waves are once again expected to reign supreme as the season’s top trend. And, if clients have any hope of recreating the flirty, effortless look, they’re going to need a cut to match. Unfortunately, not all cuts are created equal when it comes to achieving full-bodied, textured waves. Keep reading to discover five issues to look out for to ensure clients’ waves look on point all summer long.

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How To Dry Cut

While most stylists are used to cutting hair wet, learning how to cut hair dry has its benefits as well. From adding texture to knowing exactly how the hair will fall – dry cutting tips are always a useful technique to learn or brush up on. While it may sound effortless there are actually a few rules and regulations to follow when cutting hair dry. To get to know more about it, watch Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam Member, cut to the chase with a unique free-hand approach to dry cutting the perimeter of a textured bob with swivel shears that creates dramatic texture while removing length. 

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7 Summer-Ready Trends To Start Now

You’ve heard the expression, “Your summer body starts in the winter,” but did you know that your summer hair does too? That’s right, even though chilly temps are still in effect, spring is on the horizon, which means it’s time to start thinking of fresh ways to liven up your locks. From getting rid of dead ends to embarking on a journey toward lighter strands, it’s time to set your dream hair plans in motion—and test-drive some new looks—before the snow melts. Check out five summer trends to try during the winter and spring months.

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Dive Into Summer With These Scorching-Hot Styles

Getting ready when it’s almost triple-digits outside can feel like an impossible feat. And while it may be tempting to throw your hair into a messy bun every day, there are plenty of easy styles that can make you look and feel totally put together—even though they only took less than 10 minutes to create. Check out three summer-ready styles you’ll want to keep in the rotation all season long.

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Bangstyle Exclusive: Whimsical Touch – Kelly Whitney

Kelly Whitney is a business owner and mom of 3, living in the small town of Milton, Wisconsin. Graduating from Madison Cosmetology College in 2003, she went on to join the Redken family in 2012 while working at a Redken Elite Salon. In 2017 she decided to open her own salon ETS Styles. An active member and ambassador in our local Chamber of Commerce she actively supports fundraising efforts to give back within her community. Looking forward to where the next journey takes her, she aims to live by the “Learn Better, Earn Better, Live Best” motto of Redken.

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Hair Colors That Go Hand In Hand With Your Anti-Aging Efforts

When it comes to anti-aging efforts, we usually look to skincare to close the gap between our needs and wants. What we should really be updating is our hair! Which is why we’re taking a peek at the hair colors that go hand in hand with your anti-again efforts! 


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