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How To Keep Hair Colour From Fading

With endless inspiration coming from runways and the social sphere, clients are looking for new ways to update their look on the daily. Most often, they turn to hair colour for a swift change. With new colour techniques like colour lights, new shades like Jade and Living Coral, and endless ways to style fresh cuts, clients are dependent on the health of their hair to show off their new shade. When your client sits down for their first consultation you should be discussing not only how to achieve the colour they are looking for but the steps you will take in the salon and the necessary upkeep they will need to agree to at home.

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Lowlights—Are They Officially Back? 

While some hair trends are best left in the past (i.e. perms, mullets, the infamous “Snooki” poof), some styles quickly experience near-extinction in the salon long before they’ve had their deserved time in the spotlight. Case in point: lowlights. The often-overlooked technique of adding darker hints of color has been used for years to create dimension and contrast, but, thanks to balayage’s popularity, it’s basically fallen off the grid. Or has it? Here, our top five reasons why we think lowlights are slated to make their long-awaited comeback in 2019. 

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The Latest Release From Biolage Is A Vegan Treat…For Your Hair

As a society, we are increasingly aware of the choices we make towards healthy lifestyles. From watching what we eat, to what we wear and what we’re putting on our hair and skin. While you shouldn’t have to waiver with your lifestyle choices, you also shouldn’t have to sacrifice your hair. Making it easier than ever, Biolage has created three new vegan treats for your hair!

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How To Cut Face-Framing Layers Flawlessly!

Texture has taken on a whole new movement when it comes to the hairdressing industry. Just as we saw layers upon layers of fabric walk down the runways this year, we’ll be seeing layers upon layers of texture make their way into the art of hair cutting. Clients are on the search for movement, volume and a change to their existing look and face-framing layers are the perfect way to bridge that gap! Sometimes your cutting techniques need a little refreshing as the seasons change. If you’re looking for a new way to cut soft face-framing layers we’ve got a few tips for you! Sam Villa, Co-Founder of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken, uses diagonal sections and high elevation in this easy to replicate approach that creates predictable layers with a soft organic edge. Watch the video to see the method in action and keep a few of the following tips in mind!

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7 Summer-Ready Trends To Start Now

You’ve heard the expression, “Your summer body starts in the winter,” but did you know that your summer hair does too? That’s right, even though chilly temps are still in effect, spring is on the horizon, which means it’s time to start thinking of fresh ways to liven up your locks. From getting rid of dead ends to embarking on a journey toward lighter strands, it’s time to set your dream hair plans in motion—and test-drive some new looks—before the snow melts. Check out five summer trends to try during the winter and spring months.

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Achieve Up To 7 Levels Of Lift With Keune's New Clay-Based Bleach - Freedom Blonde

There’s never been a better time to enhance your balayage techniques and with the latest formulation from Keune, they’re making the process even easier. Keune’s Freedom Blonde, a clay-based lightener was created especially for freehand techniques with up to 7 levels of lift. Creating a signature style is how you set yourself apart as a stylist. The best thing about balayage is the way each stylist can customize their color, creating their own individualized look. As you begin work with clay-based bleach you’ll notice that you will be able to expand your abilities behind the chair. Using color, you can begin to highlight contours in a cut or your client’s face shape.

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Hate Your Brand New Hair Color? Here’s What To Do

Let’s face it, changing your hair color, or trying a new stylist for that matter is never easy. If you’ve ever felt like it takes a long time to find a stylist that really gets you, you’re not alone, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Whether you’ve moved cities or simply thought you should try something new, there is a process of trust that needs to be built up between you and your stylist. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to have multiple appointments before getting the style of your dreams. However, no matter how much you trust your stylist, there’s always a risk involved when coloring your hair. A change in medication to a shift in your hormones can greatly alter your beauty routine and that has nothing do with your stylist, their formulation, or their ability. So what should you do when you look in the mirror post-blow-dry, only to be absolutely mortified by your new shade? Don’t panic! Here, no-fail tips for coping with a dye job gone wrong. 

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How To Donate Your Hair

Have you ever taken a peek at the hair that accumulates on the floor as you get your hair cut? A lot of people can't believe the amount of hair they see swept away after a haircut. If you are thinking about getting your haircut soon, you may actually be able to donate the hair you get cut to an organization that will use it to make a wig for someone who is in need. Keep reading to learn about a variety of organizations that you can donate your hair to as well as some tips and tricks to make the process go a little smoother for everyone.

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Redken Releases New Shades EQ VB’S

From the salon to home-care there are a multitude of ways to neutralize unwanted hues and Redken has just created a new and exciting way to create ultra-cool tones in the salon! The new Shades EQ Violet Blue family is specially formulated for correcting tones and adding a cool effect to any color.


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