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Highlights & Hues: All Our Favorite Shades This Season

As the temperatures shift, it’s natural to want to update your hair color. It gives you a new lease on the season ahead and a few extra reasons to update your wardrobe as well – cue the clicking of online shopping commencing. Sticking to your tried and true shades might be more comfortable, but like every meme on Instagram is stating – 2020 is just 6 months away, let's shake things up a bit. To get some fresh inspiration we hit up the devoted Keune community to see what highlights and hues they’re creating this season. Take a peek at what we found!

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5 Tips For Protecting Your Shears

Keep reading for a few tips on how to protect your shears and even though Amazon Prime Day may be over, it's still #ChristmasInJuly! we’ve got some amazing deals… 40% OFF Shears! Let’s just call it #SamVillaDay – these specials will run until July 19!

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Establishing Heart to Heart Connection In A Digital World

They often say that the front desk is the heartbeat of the salon and it’s gone digital –from online booking to AI systems, and text confirmations. We are living in the modern, technology-driven times, but our industry relies 100% on authentic human connection. As the new era of salon clientele emerges, so does the need for growth in our communication. In watching this trend I became curious, are we losing the heart connection so important to stylist/client relationships with our reliance on social media and digital communication to fill our books?

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5 Foolproof Ways to Get Gorgeous Hair While You Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth—it’s a necessity! Getting a good night’s rest is the number one way to keep your body in optimal health, especially when it comes to your locks: Sleep on your hair the right way and you’ll wake up with gorgeous tresses in the A.M. On the contrary, if you’re constantly tossing and turning all night long, you run the risk of major breakage, frizzing and dryness. Here, the top do’s and don’ts for sleeping on your strands.

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Voluminous Pomp Step-By Step Tutorial

The change of season is the perfect time to pick up a few new essentials for hair inspiration. When it comes to men’s styling, we absolutely love seeing all the new styles making their way into the mix. Whether you are a new stylist or a seasoned one, taking a few tips from Jim Shaw – Owner of Essensuals and Essensualsmen – is the perfect place to start. He expertly details a handsome fade and voluminous coif in this tutorial. Keep reading to see the steps!

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Pantone Color Of The Year 2020 - Bleached Coral - Making A Statement About Sustainability

PANTONE just released their Color Of The Year – Bleached Coral – and this time around it’s making quite the statement. With 2020 just 6 months away, it is making society even more aware of time, what that means for us individually and in relationship to our planet.

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Changing The Way Extensions Are Applied - ZIPLOXX!

Everything you’ve heard about traditional extensions is true. They add length and volume, but often at the expense of the integrity of your hair. What consumers often overlook when deciding on their extensions is the attachment method. They get excited about the color – instant highlights (woohoo), the length – because Beyoncé isn’t the only one that is flawless now, and the volume – say bye-bye-bye to thinning strands!

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Bangs 101: How To Find The Right Fringe For You

Fashion icon Coco Chanel infamously once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” The good news? A fresh set of fringe can also do the trick. Whether they’re long and side-swept, short and choppy or something in between, bangs can instantly transform your look. But, not all fringe is created equal, and what works for one girl may not work for you. Here, a foolproof guide to getting the best fringe for your face!

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Secrets To Getting The Right Cut

When it comes to achieving the style of your dreams, your stylist will swear that it’s all in the technique. And that's 100-percent correct!  One bad technique can instantly transform a cutting-edge style into a major faux pas. Although clients don’t have to be familiar with every type of cutting maneuver out there, it’s always a good idea to understand what type of cut to ask for in order to achieve your desired style. If you're looking for the right way to convey what you're looking for, a few keywords about technique will help greatly in communication. Keep reading for a foolproof guide to getting what you want in the salon.


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