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2023 has already become the year of reinvention. When it comes to hairstyles, it’s all about pairing a punch of color with an understated cut or switching up your polished style for a more lived-in look. We are still gravitating toward low-key trends with shiny new ways to highlight them, so no matter what style you’re after this season, pair your look with Wella Professionals Shinefinity!

2023’s Top Hair Trends

Liquid Brunette


With an uptick in glossy, shiny finishes, and healthy hair, the liquid hair trend took off in 2022 and has gotten a brunette upgrade in 2023. It’s never been more popular to highlight your natural color, which means brunettes can embrace their rich tones with a bit of help from Wella Professionals Shinefinity. Liquid Brunette is not just about achieving the right tone, it's about improving the finish with a high-shine, conditioned feel.

Wella Professionals Shinefinity has 37 stunning demi-permanent shades and lasts up to 6 weeks. Add it to your natural tone to create even more dimension, blend greys with a natural finish or color correct grown out color with ease — Shinefinity promises endless shine and silky, conditioned feel.

Once your color is perfected, follow on at home with the ColorMotion+ range featuring Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Shampoo, Conditioner and Structure+ Mask. This system allows for up to 8 weeks of color protection while strengthening strands from the inside out thanks to WellaPlex bonding agent. 

Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Shampoo ($25.00), Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Conditioner ($25.00),  and Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask ($25.00).

Golden Hour Brunette


If you’re looking for an alternative to Liquid Brunette, consider lightening up your locks with a warm glow. Reds and coppers have been everywhere lately, but this spring, clients are looking for even more low-maintenance ways to add a hint of warmth, making Golden Hour Brunette the perfect choice. You can determine with your stylist the placement of highlights (balayage, face frame, full highlights, or peek-a-boo lights) and then ask for a golden gloss.

In the salon, Wella Professionals Shinefinity is the ideal match to enhance warmth with a sheer finish and plenty of shine. To keep your glow up between appointments, reach for Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask in Golden Gloss to add a hint of color and plenty of nourishment. Then, be sure to add Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask to your self-care routine to elongate the life of your hair color and add intense conditioning and bond building.


Wella Professionals Shinefinity, Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask in Golden Gloss ($26.50), Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask ($25.00).


The Bixie


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The cut, originally created by Wella Ambassador Briana Cisneros, was quickly one of the top haircut trends of 2022. As hybrid cuts continue to trend this year, the bixie isn’t going anywhere. The look is a cross between a pixie and a bob, with lengths that can start and end anywhere between the jawline and earlobe. Haircuts this year are all about cutting in texture, which makes this shape a top choice. With plenty of airy layers to create volume and a face frame with feathered contours, texture is everywhere. The Bixie also looks great with or without a fringe, which can easily change up the finished feel.

Depending on your hair type, the Bixie will require a certain degree of styling. So always pair your Bixie with Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image before blow-drying and then finish with Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift to add effortless volume and movement.


Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image ($20.50) and Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift ($22.10).


Expensive Blonde


While the expensive brunette trend was all about low-maintenance, the Expensive Blonde trend is proving that high-maintenance blondes are back. Blonde this year is taking on a slightly creamy tone this year, with everything ranging from banana-peel blonde to 90s yellow-blonde. To keep your shade within range, regular Wella Professionals Shinefinity appointments are key post-lightening to keep your eye on point. This service will provide a sheer glaze with an unbeatable shine that will enhance any blonde. Between appointments, add Wella Professionals Fusion Repair Mask to your routine to take care of your strands.

Due to lightening, hair might need a little extra care, and Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Mask will target any damage and repair the hair for visibly smoother, conditioned, more resilient results. The secret is the Silk Amino Acids that repair and protect the hair against breakage and damage while adding strength.


Wella Professionals Shinefinity and Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Mask ($25.00).


Undone Texture


From curls to waves, open waves and even straight hair — no matter your texture, adding an undone element is ideal for any finish this season. The key is to create finishes that accentuate your cut or natural texture without too much manipulation. Think adding definition to curls or a slight bend to straight hair to create the effect.

To enhance texture, a mix of products that will protect as well as define and add volume is key. A few of our favorites include Wella Professionals EIMI Nurticurls Soft Twirl for curls, EIMI Sugar Lift Volume Spray for waves, and EIMI Glam Mist Shine Spray for all hair types.


Wella Professionals EIMI Nurticurls Soft Twirl ($22.10), EIMI Sugar Lift Volume Spray ($22.10), and EIMI Glam Mist Shine Spray


Get to know Wella Professionals Shinefinity

Wella Professionals Shinefinity is a glossing treatment that improves tone while creating a shine you can feel. In addition to creating unbeatable shine and beautiful true-to-tone results, you can look forward to the following with Shinefinity:

  • 37 Demi-Permanent Shades that are intermixable for endless color options
  • Offers up to 250% shinier hair*
  • Up to 50% smoother hair**
  • Up to 50% softer hair**
  • Tones that last up to 6 weeks
  • Innovative formula regulates the pH of the hair to ensure it doesn’t fall below 6.5 for balanced, optimal color results
  • Can be used on natural hair color, after lightening, or in addition to grey coverage services.
  • Pick from 2 developers: Bowl and Brush Activator or Bottle Activator
  • Pick from Cool, Warm, Naturals or Booster color palettes or the just-launched Signature Naturals collection featuring 5 shades ideal for counteracting warmth or creating root shadows.
  • Use Shinefinity to create shine, refresh color and highlights, add tone, enhance dimension or correct color.
  • 1 Shinefinity tube sold every 10 seconds in the world.

*versus untreated bleached hair

**Instrumental testing vs. our regular demi