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Featured Collection: Fracture by Sándor Szél

Sándor Szél shares his process and inspiration behind his Fracture collection.

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How To Know When It's Time For a Haircut

The Sam Villa team answers how long we should go in-between trims and what signs can tell us we are due for a visit in the chair.

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Featured Collection: Vintage Red by Chrystofer Benson

We are thrilled to showcase Chrystofer Benson's collection, Vintage Red, featuring dark contrasts with splashes of red.

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Técnica destacada: Moño romántico

Este peinado es sexy, sofisticado, y perfecto para noches románticas, galas, y salidas informales que necesitan un toque de moda dramático.

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Featured Collection: Form & Function by Sándor Szél

Sándor Szél shares his process and inspiration behind his Form & Function collection.

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Los aceites esenciales de Oil Wonders

Estamos seguros que ya habrán probado la línea Oil Wonders de Matrix, ya han descubierto, a través de experiencias propias, modos nuevos e innovadores de utilizarlos.

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Beautiful Braids by Sherri Jessee

Braids are hot on the runway, red carpet and can be a fashionable style for next-day hair. Check out these beautiful braided hairstyles from Sherri Jessee.

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Featured Collection: Streets of New York by Uros Mikic

Uros Mikic shares the inspiration behind his Streets of New York collection, featuring men's looks embodying the different neighborhoods of New York.

Re sized 2dda6684e977c4d03a9b amika photo tips

Taking pictures of clients? Here’s how to get the best photo every time.

Here are some tips on how to get high-quality images with your phone that will impress both potential clients and employers.


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