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Taking pictures of clients? Here’s how to get the best photo every time.

Here are some tips on how to get high-quality images with your phone that will impress both potential clients and employers.

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How to Make Your Own Wool Dreadlocks

Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, shares how to create temporary dreads so you can rock the style without the commitment.

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Are salon products really better than what I can get in the grocery stores?

The products look just like what your stylist has at the salon but are way cheaper. While they may look the same on the outside, they are definitely NOT the same on the inside. Here’s why…

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Green Up Your Salon

“Going green” is appealing to the masses. Beauty professionals, salon owners, and manufacturers and distributors are helping to meet customers’ eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are a few tips to take your salon to Green!

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Get the Look: Je Suis Ibiza by KEVIN.MURPHY

Inspired by the emergence of festival dressing, the Je Suis Ibiza collection embraces Kevin’s recognizable and classic inside, outside, daytime, nighttime, beach hair.

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Protect Your Career and Celebrate Being a Licensed Professional

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is celebrating licensed professionals all month long! During the entire month of April PBA is asking licensed professionals across the country to take to social media and show their pride.

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How to Modernize a Ponytail with an Attached Fishtail Mohawk Braid

Sam Villa explains how to modernize your ponytails with an attached fishtail mohawk braid in this tutorial.

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The Brand Jam

There's so many great brands on Bangstyle, but what are they all doing?? If you're having trouble keeping up, then our new Brand Jam is about to become your new best friend.

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Styling for the Camera part 2: The Image by Joseph Cartright

Photographer Joseph Cartright shares some rules to shoot by for creating a perfect editorial hair image in the second part of his Styling for the Camera series.


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