Care Line Derma Activate Lotion

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Stimulate hair growth.


Activating lotion stimulate the hair growth and increase the number of hairs in the growth phase. It revitalizes the scalp and helps to prevent hair loss. Vitamin H improves the keratin resulting in stronger hair and a decrease in the number of hairs falling out.

How to Use

Shampoo with Derma Activating Shampoo and towel dry. Apply on the scalp an massage into the scalp. Do not rinse. Important recommendations: for preventive use: 1 -2 a week . for intensive use: 3 - 4 a week for 11 weeks . for maintance: 2 - 3 a week .


Caffeine stimulates the blood circulation, to nourish the scalp, resulting in a longer growth phase of the hair. Provitamin B5 regulates the moisture balance of the hair. Proteins give body and volume to hair.

Key Ingredients

Caffeine. Provitamin B5.



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