Care Line Define Style Fibre Wax

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Elastic and flexible hold.


Flexible restylable fibre wax that gives an elastic and flexible hold. It conditions and protects the hair while defining style. It can be applied to increase the volume or to smooth a style. The hair structure strengthening fibers in the Fibre Wax give extra body and volume to the hair, without adding weight. Hold factor 4.

How to Use

Take a small amount of Fibre Wax in the palm of your hand and push the palms together. Take hands apart, to see the unique abilities of the strengthening fibers. Fibre Wax can be applied on dry hair and damp hair and is water solvable.


Rice proteins give a natural protection from UV-rays. It strengthens the hair restores elasticity Provitamin B5 controls the moisture balance of the hair. The fibers strengthen the structure to create body. The hair becomes flexible and is easy to restyle. Fibre Wax is suitable for every type of hair.

Key Ingredients

Rice proteins. Provitamin B5.



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