Care Line Man Fortify Shampoo

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Improves strength and condition, and reduces the amount of hair loss.


Mild cleansing and cooling shampoo with the Fortify formula which improves strength and condition, and reduce the amount of hair that is lost daily.Vital and stronger hair with improved elasticity with more resistance to external influences.

How to Use

Apply the shampoo and work through the hair and the scalp. Gently massage with the palm of the hands and rinse out. Important recommendations:Avoid intensive massaging of the scalp.


Red Ginseng increases blood circulation, promoting hair growth and Rock Crystals give strength. Menthol gives a cooling and stimulating effect while Vitamin H improves the keratin resulting in stronger hair and a decrease in the number of hairs falling out.Caffeine prolongs the growth cycle.

Key Ingredients

Red Ginseng. Rock Crystals. Menthol. Vitamin H. Caffeine.



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