9% / 30 VOL Cream Activator

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Cream Activator


Exclusively formulated to maximise the qualities of COLOR.ME shades, the COLOR.ME CREAM.ACTIVATOR is a creamy consistency that creates a beautiful colour mix that is easy to apply with no running or dripping. The CREAM.ACTIVATOR in combination with COLOR.ME ensures a luxurious cosmetic feel on the hair.

COLOR.ME CREAM.ACTIVATOR comes in various concentrations for custom tailored performances. The concentration of the CREAM.ACTIVATOR determines the recommended development time.

Exclusively formulated to activate the specialised qualities of COLOR.ME.

How to Use

COLOR.ME is to be used without heat. Refer to Technical Manual for Mixing rations and formulating directions.



COLOR.ME is mixed with the special CREAM.ACTIVATOR and can be mixed in various ratios to tailor your desired result:

• Different categories of permanent results

• Tone-on-tone and darker

• Full grey coverage

• 1 - 3 levels lighter


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