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Lighten, refine and create endless light violet results while unveiling multi-dimensional shine and optimum hair health.

How to Use

Please refer to Manufacturer's Instructions


Designed for depths 8 and above to provide beautiful, clear blonde results. Delivers soft, iridescent violet reflects. Counteracts soft gold to gold tones. Lightens up to 3 depths without warmth in the hair. Refines blonde and lightened hair to create a pearlised violet hue.

Key Ingredients


Honey is a humectant that contains many vitamins and minerals. It also helps hair retain moisture. Honey forms a protective barrier assisting in anti-aging due to its potency as an antioxidant.

• Sugar absorbs ten times its own weight in water

• Minerals which are also used in naturopathy, help strengthen hair and nails

• Amino acids and proteins assist with restructure

• Enzymes with antiseptic and antioxidant properties help to neutralise free radicals

• Contains vitamins, flavonoids, and polyphenols


Shea Butter delivers moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips. It also repairs and protects against environmental damage, dryness and brittleness.

• Contains 5 essential fatty acids

• Provides 10 phenolic components with antioxidant properties

• Repairs and restructures the hair from inside

• Restores moisture

• Protects against environmental influences like heat and mechanical strain. Offers UV-protection.

• Protects hair structure and hair colour

• Promotes smoothness and shine


Known for its anti-inflammatory and immune system stimulating effects, pomegranate is also a strong antioxidant with anti-aging effects. It provides both colour and UV protection.


Rose hip is often used in high end skin care cosmetics. It’s highly effective antioxidants provide long-lasting colour results.


Soothes the hair and scalp while creating shine.


Contains moisturising linoleic acid and lecitin. Grapeseed oil regulates ph-level and maintains the natural acid mantle of the skin.



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