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targeted, customisable hair treatments designed to accommodate clients’ specific needs


Tripeptides and Nettle Extracts strengthen and densify fine hair by improving scalp circulation and the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles. Oleanolic Acid from the Hemsleya Root fights ageing, fortifying the roots, and making hair stronger and thicker. Moringa Oil helps to strengthen hair by depositing minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles. Yucca Extract fights hair thinning and hair loss. Fruit Stem Cells help to repair and restore damaged hair follicles to promote new hair growth. In-salon treatment only.

How to Use

For Professional Use Only.



Stimulate hair growth

Fortifies and strengthens

Paraben free

Sulphate free

Key Ingredients

Fruit Stem Cells

To stimulate growth and elongate the growing phase of the hair bulb while offering protection. Hair appears more youthful with improved growth and condition due to the potent anti-ageing effect plant stem cells have on our own skin stem cells.

Nettle Extract

Extract of nettle is high in antioxidants. This will keep the free radicals under control. It also has anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities. Hair will be thicker with more lustre and shine with improved health of the scalp.

Moringa Seed Oil

Moringa Oil contains all eight essential Amino Acids and is known to improve both hair growth and the conditions for hair growth. Hair quality and growth is improved with strength, resilience and shine.

Yucca Stem Extract

Yucca contains potent antioxidants for the protection of the hair and skin. Damaged hair is soothed, smoothed and protected resulting in shine and improved hydration.

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1

Considered a protein derivative, it penetrates and strengthens the hair. Developed from eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 repairs and strengthens by penetrating the hair to help close split ends. It helps to thicken the hair shaft, which gives the while creating a protective shield even in extreme humidity. impression of thicker hair.

Hydrolysed Soy Protein

Leaves hair radiant and shiny. Adds strength, structure and elasticity to the hair, resulting in shine and resilience. It absorbs easily into the hair but does not create weight.

Lovely Hemsleya

Oleanolic Acid possesses antioxidants which have a beneficial effect on the hair, making hair stronger and less susceptible to loss. It absorbs into the scalp to target DHT and eliminate it, encouraging the hair to stay in its growth phase longer.